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by Hands On The Stereo

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released June 20, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: Party Baker
You play the cards the way they were dealt
but someone at the table is cheating.
Kept like a secret. You're a machine, ya, I'm a machine.
Of the scene that never was,
sometimes you need to wake up
and realize what you already got.
Like I ever gave a fuck.

I'm not a winner, I'm a dreamer
disguised as a loser.
They'll never catch on to what I've been doing.
I'm not ashamed, even if we're caught up in this game.
I wont let them take this away from me.

(wake up!)
You need to get me out of this bed,
cause I don't know whats going on in my head
Is this a dream, cause this never was anything I expected
I would leave if I could then I'd pick it up where I left it.
Track Name: Tara
I've got something I can bet my life on
and now i know I should keep you around
My hearts on the prize that my eyes have never found
so don't ever doubt
My integrity, sure as hell means a lot to me
This voice becomes weak after weeks
You still mean everything
if that means anything

And that's the best I could ever do
while I'm staring down at my shoes

Everybody knows what I'm about to say
so please stay awake if you're worth all the waiting
if it makes you stay

The whiff of your aura buries me
in an avalanche of blissful memories
its the best i could ever do
its the best i could ever do
Track Name: I Know How You Are
Maybe if he keep her sad, she'll finally fall for him
and everything that he is and
maybe if he treats her bad, she'll finally let him in
like all of them

Before you go i need you to know
that he does not deserve a single second your worth
I'm done, I've said this before
I called it straight from the start
Tonight I'm set on
I'm gonna win your heart

Lately, this feeling she's had
is stuck beneath her skin
but it's too thin to cover anything
and lately I've been feeling so bad
its hard to see you like this
and she will never know
Track Name: Time Machine
Last night i made this time machine
and i went back when everything was right
but i couldn't stay for long
the alarm woke me up
and you were gone
and i made my way down these steps like I've always done
the light flickers off cause i left it on
but i don't see anything wrong with
telling you how i felt
about these last few years without you

You can't always get what you want
from people that never really knew from the start
I've had this knot tied inside
and i want it out
but i know the truth
wont get past my mouth this time

close your eyes cause you're coming with me
we're going back but it wont be easy
forget everything (forget everything!)
right now, everybody's gonna ask why i left
and every second step to every chance that ever passed me by
Track Name: Show 'Em What You're Made Of
Hey where you going kid?
There's much more then we know out there
I need you to know that I'm still here searching for
The answer to every question that we ever asked
and every night we spilled out but I'm still asking
why you locked your heart away
the best are bound to break

Cause I'm missing you there on my left side
You're trading this in for the best times of your life
i know you got it in you
pick it up again and burn it down with me
so sing with me, one more time
and show them what you're made of

You fill your head with doubt
it makes its way right through your mouth
and now i know that i can never change your mind
so you decide are you in or out?
You locked your voice away
your chest starts to ache
Track Name: Can't Stop Kids Like Us
Let me see you with your hands up high
lock me up, we're stealing these stars tonight
I'll hang one on my door
i wont have to wish for you anymore and I
will show the world that we can
make this work
(we might just get away with it)

Don't tell me that its over
because kids like us will never let them
take our heart or stop our breathing
take this town and make it ours tonight

It makes my heart sting
to hear the phone ring
and you tell me where
where i need to be
you always want what you can never have
(but it's so hard because it's right in front of me)