Into It, Over It (Single, FREE Download)

by Hands On The Stereo

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Artwork by: Corey Reilly-Davis


released June 4, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Into It, Over It
I'm right here trying to explain
but you're not even listening
I thought I'd heard it all before
Those words were laughable at best
You swore i never cared
but you could care less

Who said that I didn't even care anymore
I always knew you'd be the one to go and start this war
I turn my back and out come the wolves
You used excuses and went straight for my throat

I know the memories never change
but the people always do
Although it was never your intention
So I'll say thanks for all the slander
and all the lies that you've thrown up
You're nothing more then a number on a bathroom stall
You're nothing more then a god damn liar

I'm not even mad, I just don't care anymore

You're nothing more then a goddamn liar
I know I'm better now that its over
Because you think with your head
and not with your heart
I should have picked up on this
right from the start

I'm not even mad, I just don't care anymore